Hermann Ackermann and Hermann Schmitt start a company in Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt to produce and sell their new invention: the MS 6 hand-held grinding machine, featuring an electrical motor that drivea flexible shaft. High finish polishing. FLEX develops dedicated systems for sensitive polishing of automotive paint and lacquers, furnitures and natural stone floors.

Mirror finish! FLEX introduces a new method of treatment: burnishing for surfaces - without transition lines or shadow on metal and stainless steel. Sanding ceilings without scaffold! The dust extraction system does a thorough job.

Innovation in every detail!

Hand Tools

FLEX introduces the angle grinder generation for the 21st century. From the inventor of FLEX there are 8 new models in the to Watt range available in a new, extremely slim design, with superior handling characteristics and many innovative product features, e. Only the FLEX wall chaser allows changeover from vertical pull cutting to horizontal push cutting. Unlock, swivel the motor, lock - finished!

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The innovative tool system. Easily and quickly converted whatever the requirements are: the specialist for grinding, sanding, scouring, perforating and polishing. The gentle power pack for professionally treating painted surfaces. A variable-speed polisher with a high torque, motor and gear unit operate extremely quietly. WSE 7 Vario. With intelligent change head system. The smooth running power pack. The SE is the specialist for painted surfaces, for stainless steel and steel alloy, for natural and artificial stone.

Excellent user comfort, astonishing range of applications and highly reliable - made in Germany.Snap-on continued to improve its sockets throughout the s and beyond, although the pace of change wasn't as rapid as it had been in the s.

In addition, numerous cosmetic changes were made to the socket styles, giving the sockets an updated appearance every few years.

In addition to the improvements in socket construction, the number of applications for sockets expanded greatly, and Snap-on offered a much greater selection of sockets. Sockets were offered in shallow and deep styles, and with hex or double-hex and sometimes double-square broachings.

The introduction of air-powered impact wrenches lead to a need for special impact-grade sockets, and the growing use of metric sizes required special sockets. One of Snap-on's most important innovations for the s was the development of their high-strength reversible ratchet mechanism.

The overall length is 6. The original finish was chrome plating, though most has been lost to wear and rust. See middle inset.

The patent pending notation on the ratchet corresponds to patent 1,filed by L. Hummel in and issued in with assignment to Snap-on. This important patent formed the basis for most of the reversible ratchets produced by Snap-on, and ratchets of this same design remain in production today. This early ratchet uses a somewhat fragile "S" shaped spring to provide the bias on the pawl, as is described in the patent document. These "S" springs are subject to wear from rubbing on the pawl and cover plate, causing eventual breakage; in addition, the spring can easily be lost if the ratchet is disassembled for repair.

The reverse face plate is stamped with the date code fora four-cornered symbol resemling a diamond but with the sides bowed inward. As with the previous example, the patent applied notice on the ratchet corresponds to patent 1,issued to L.

Hummel in with assignment to Snap-on. By Snap-on had started marking their patent number on the ratchets, as the next several examples will show.

The top face is stamped with a stylized "4" date code forplaced between the "On" and "Off" markings below the shift lever. The patent notice refers to the Hummel patent 1, mentioned previously. Our last example for this section will show a model externally similar to previous examples, but with a detent ball instead of an S-spring. The finish is plain steel for the body with chrome plating on the cover plate, though most has been lost due to wear. The face is stamped with a stylized "5" date code forplaced between the "On" and "Off" markings below the shift lever.

The patent notation on the ratchet refers to the Hummel patent 1, mentioned previously. But did any readers notice the discrepancy between this paragraph and the previously recorded patent number?Sign up for email and get the latest on new products, events, contests, and more.

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flex tools history

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Lawnmowers are launched at a significant cost advantage over competitive models. Salesman, Ed Faulk stocks a truck with merchandise and sets out on a 10,mile journey across America. The mobile tool store is so successful that another truck rolls out the following year.

The suburbs continue their rapid growth, and the lawns are more extensive. The tool is a combination tilting arbor bench saw, jointer-planer, jig saw, saber saw, and disc sander. CRAFTSMAN rolls out the first mower with a wholly enclosed engine, key-lock self-starter, an automatic blade clutch to prevent stalling, and a hand-controlled blade brake.

Despite the pounding, the tools were "still in excellent shape," according to Carrick. CRAFTSMAN revives long-established pride in superior quality with re-engineered products, bringing back historically reliable, high-performance tools and making them more accessible to purchase.Oracle Financial Services serves more than banking customers and analytical application customers across countries [10].

Over insurers across 33 countries run on Oracle Insurance Platform. Oracle is powering innovation with industry-leading platforms built on modern, open, and intelligent technology and working with the fintech startup community to build innovative products.

flex tools history

It consists of APIs across payments, retail and corporate banking domains pre-integrated with Oracle solutions for core bankingpaymentsidentity, security and API monetization.

Oracle Cloud, combined with open Oracle Banking APIs, provides an ecosystem and platform to help drive innovation, deploying open banking principles and regulation. Oracle Fintech Innovation combines financial services industry and technology expertise with the growing network of curated fintechs.

Oracle Financial Services Cloud Solutions enable banks and insurers to accelerate the delivery of innovation, improve customer experiences, and improve margins to drive competitive advantage.

It consists of solutions for wholesale banking, lending, payment processors, healthcare payers. Provides sophisticated pricing, billing and settlement capabilities for financial institutions regardless of size or segment through a software-as-a-service model. Allows financial institutions to predict the profitability of a customer and estimate risk exposure while differentiating pricing to increase loyalty.

The cloud-based pricing solution is scalable and secure thus reducing the need for additional onsite datacenter investments while increasing operational efficiency.

flex tools history

Oracle Financial Services provides solutions for retail bankingcorporate bankingpaymentsasset managementlife insuranceannuities and healthcare payers. It has a comprehensive set of integrated digital and data platforms, where banks and insurers are empowered to deliver next generation financial services.

Oracle Financial Services helps enable customer-centric transformation, support collaborative innovation and drive efficiency. Its data and analytical platforms help financial institutions drive customer insight, integrate risk and financefight financial crime and comply with regulations. Oracle helps to accelerate digital transformation for insurers by allowing modern, flexible, rule-based applications for life, health, and property and casualty insurers that help enhance revenue growth, increase operational efficiency, reduce costs, and improve customer experience.

Health insurers can optimize administrative costs, increase operational efficiency, streamline claims processing, improve billing accuracy and elevate the member experience, whether on-premise or in a secure Oracle Cloud.

KeyBank uses Oracle Banking Platform to build innovation in digital banking. The transformation saw a 17 percent increase in the number of digitally active KeyBank customers. KeyBank won the award for Digital Platform Transformation due to the significant improvement in its retail banking client experience, its IT cost savings and the technological flexibility achieved.

Celent assessed this as a critical core competency for US super-regional banks.

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AsiaRisk specifically noted its ability to help bank officers across the organization gain a better understanding of the risks they have assumed and sensitivity in economic conditions. In mids, Flexcube, a comprehensive banking software product, was developed and this went on to become the flagship offering. In August Oracle Corporation bought Citigroup's 41 percent equity interest in i-flex.

Ini-flex solutions became a majority-owned subsidiary of Oracle Corporation [14]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Companies portal. Retrieved Archived from the original PDF on 13 May Retrieved 23 January Retrieved 1 April Categories : Companies listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange Banking software companies Oracle acquisitions Software companies based in Mumbai Banks established in Financial services companies established in establishments in India.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. IT servicesIT consulting. MumbaiIndia. Oracle Corporation.It was founded by Friedrich Speidel in as a manufacturer of gold and silver chainsand the company was formed in its modern state in the United States in as 'The Speidel Chain Company'. In the s, Speidel was the first company in the world to introduce ID bracelets.

During World War IIthe company briefly produced cathode-ray tubes. Speidel experienced a boom in popularity, notably with their invention of the hugely popular expanding strap in the mid's, and in addition to watchbands Speidel produced wristwatcheslighterswriting instruments, small jewelry, and other accessories, before beginning to decline by the end of the century with the struggle to compete with cheaper overseas production, and the boom in Quartz watches.

Friedrich Speidel founded the Speidel Company in He has been credited with developing the gold-over-metal method of manufacturing called " bi-metal " also incorrectly known as gold "plating" which proved successful. In he built the company's first factory, and installed state-of-the-art machines for the production of gold chain, previously manufactured entirely by hand.

Friedrich Speidel sent his three sons, Albert, Edwin and Eugene to America to establish a branch of the family's jewelry chain manufacturing business. By the Speidel brothers hired the architectural firm Monks and Johnson to design the company's first headquarters. The five-story buildingwith its European-style frontwas originally called the Doran-Speidel Building. At first, only chain was made in the new facilities. During the s, costume jewelry and watchbands were added to the line.

Men's watchbands surged in popularity due to their introduction and use in the military during World War I. In the early s Albert Speidel formed Speidel Brothersproducing watch bracelets that were manufactured and sold primarily to wholesalers.

In the Speidel family in Germany and the brothers who lived in the United States, decided to merge all of the businesses into the Speidel Corporation in order to strengthen their position. In Paul Levinger was hired by Speidel Corporation as a plant foreman. Watchband production was cut back during World War II when Speidel converted most of its facilities and started manufacturing cathode ray tubes for radar and other electronic applications.

However Speidel returned to watchbands as soon as peace returned. In Speidel brought out its first modernized version of the scissor-type expansion band called the Golden Knight. It proved to be a tremendous success in the men's watch bracelet field. The company also introduced elaborate packaging for its line of watch bracelets.

A planned reduction of costume jewelry production was soon instituted, leading to the discontinuation of costume jewelry in the early s. In Speidel changed with the times and discontinued radio advertising. Instead it concentrated its advertising budget in televisionpurchasing a number of fully sponsored programs and making Speidel one of the earliest television advertisers in the United States. In with the advent of the Korean WarSpeidel began manufacturing identification bracelets.

The first product in this category was the Photo Identa combination ident bracelet with photo and an expandable wristband, which was advertised on television. It was an immediate success — of major proportions. In Speidel started manufacturing men's jewelry. The goal was to diversify its inventory and combat the increasingly heavy competition in metal watch bracelets from Japanese imports. Heavy opposition to this move by other manufacturers made it necessary for Speidel to change its method of distribution from general jobbers to sole distributors.

Over the next three years a number of such sole distributorships were established in strategic geographic locations. Its sales force was also built up to provide adequate coverage to all areas of the United States. Around this time, heavy investments had been made in the development of automatic equipment to produce a bracelet similar to the German Fixo-Flex. A few years earlier a German manufacturer had sent the first version of the Fixo-Flex bracelet to Paul Levinger who had worked out a license contract with the inventor, Karl E.

In the first automatically produced bracelet under this patent was introduced as a test under the name of Kingsway. Speidel introduced its newest version of the highly successful Twist-O-Flex watchband incalled the Euro-Flex.

Hardcase hardware case

The new watchband incorporated heavier metals and contemporary European styling. By the company, now owned by Paul Levinger, had grown significantly both in size and importance to the jewelry industry.Our success is based on innovation.

That was the case inwhen we developed hand-controlled tools powered by stationary electric motors through flexible shafts. It did not change inwhen we launched the first high-speed angle grinder, the DL 9. To make our angle grinders even more reliable, effective, and user-friendly, we continued to develop them. And we are keeping up the pace. FLEX is putting all of its experience toward new "problem solvers" and niche products. Come and discover what we have to offer!

Submeasure 16.3.1

FLEX therefore provides an expert all-round service. Our efficient Customer Service Centre is at your disposal, ready to answer all your questions about technical matters and accessories. Users who place high value on the quality and functionality of their power tools expect professional advice.

And that is available only from specially trained and authorized dealers. Your FLEX specialist dealer has the perfect tool and accessories for your specific requirements. You can reject the use of this service or change your settings at any time. The Original.


Career Do you want to join our team? More Information. FLEX - We invented it! Get to know us.Flex Ltd. It is the third [3] largest global electronics manufacturing services EMSoriginal design manufacturer ODM company by revenue, behind only Pegatron for what concerns original equipment manufacturers.

Flex's corporate headquarters are located in Singapore, and its administrative headquarters are in San JoseCalifornia. Inthe company returned to being a private company in a leveraged buyout and was renamed as Flextronics International, Ltd. Inthe company received venture capital funding through Sequoia Capital[7] and became a public held company again in The company closed its contract electronic manufacturing plant in Richardson, Texas in Inthe company purchased the manufacturing division of Nortel Networks, and Solectron in In Flextronics took over a part of the production of Legobut in Lego decided to end relations with Flextronics and purchase the production facilities in Mexico and Hungary.

The acquisition of Solectron was completed by end of Octoberearlier than anticipated. The award was given based on quality, delivery performance, engineering support and cost for work with two of Danaher's business units, Tektronix and Fluke.

On 15 SeptemberFlextronics announced that it had been chosen by BrammoInc. The partnership represented an expansion of Flextronics' Automotive Division's portfolio for battery-powered vehicles and complemented its expertise in high voltage and energy recuperation for the automotive market.

That same year, Flextronics also signed an agreement with Brammo to provide acquisition and manufacturing in North America, Asia and Europe. InElementum was spun off from Flextronics as its own separate entity.

InFlextronics was named as the manufacturer of the Fitbit Force by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission in the context of a complete recall of the product due to rashes developing on the wrists of its users. In July the company announced that it will change the company name from Flextronics to just Flex. Flex has been a strategic partner to Wink, serving as their primary supplier of hardware and firmware, including the Wink Hub and Wink Relay, which include core intellectual property developed within Flex.

flex tools history

On December 31,Michael M. McNamara resigned as the company's Chief Executive Officer. McNamara worked at Flex for twenty-four years. He served as the company's CEO from to The Board of Directors hired an executive recruiting company to assist with its search for a new CEO.

Prior to Flex, Advaithi was president and chief operating officer for the Electrical Sector business for Eaton Corporation. Those who look like they may be progressing to the next stage of their development get access to Flextronics' network of factories for manufacturing, procurement network and marketing network.

Flex provides its 2, designer engineers to prospective customers. The program is advertised to take a product through several stages of production, including concept design, prototype creation, improving the supply chain distribution and logistics, and globalization. Flextronics was sued what was apparent in breach of contract with Beckman Coulter Inc.

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The case dates fromwhen Beckman Coulter entered into an agreement with Dovatron, a unit of the Dii Group, to provide circuit boards for a Beckman blood analyser. Flextronics acquired the Dii Group in and, according to Beckman, shortly thereafter Flextronics refused to provide the circuit boards unless it bought other electronic components from the company.

A former Flextronics executive pleaded guilty to committing wire fraud and security fraud by providing confidential information related to USB charger shipment data used for U. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Capellas Chairman of the Board.

Operating income. Net income. Securities and Exchange Commission. Retrieved 21 June Retrieved 11 December

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