A relentless line of tornadoes battered the Chattanooga area Sunday night sending 21 people to Erlanger Hospital, demolishing dozens of homes, leaving a number of people entrapped, and causing other extensive property damage and widespread power outages. Two Hamilton County residents have died from the storm. One was year-old Raffell Jenkins, who was in bed in a house on Wilcox Boulevard at home with his children and girlfriend when a tree fell on the bedroom.

Erlanger Health System officials said the 21 patients were treated at three Erlanger emergency departments since the overnight storms. Many individuals suffered broken bones and laceration injuries from collapsed buildings and fallen trees.

Storm Report Map

Erlanger Baroness Hospital received 15 patients. Five patients were treated at Erlanger East Hospital. Fire officials said t here were approximately 17 injuries, the majority of which were trauma-related, and structures were damaged, both residential and commercial. Beginning Monday night, law enforcement officers were being placed at intersections of the hardest-hit areas and only confirmed residents will be allowed in between 8 p. There was widespread tornado damage in East Brainerd as well as a number of other sections of town.

Grace Baptist Academy was especially hard hit with all buildings on campus heavily damaged. The second story and roof of the high school building were demolished and the main school building at the front also had substantial damage. A school sign was blown half a mile down the road into a house. Five people died in storms in Murray County, Ga. It was originally to be at Grace Baptist Church, Shallowford Road, but it suffered extensive roof damage.

Fire officials said, " The Chattanooga Fire Department is responding to hundreds of calls stemming from severe weather, including damaged structures and houses and reports of people trapped in their homes. We have shifted resources to the East Brainerd area and called in extra, off-duty personnel. Our crews are working to get to these scenes, dealing with downed trees and power lines.

Several people have been transported with injuries. We are working to get to more than addresses and we are seeing heavy damage. Crews are working as quickly and as efficiently as possible to help those in need while mitigating hazards.

tornado damage path map

This will be a prolonged operation. Marks Ave. It brought significant power outages to East Brainerd as well as East Ridge.

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North Chattanooga and Brainerd both had significant power outages. Ooltewah-Collegedale had moderate outages. There were scattered outages along South Broad Street. A family in Brainerd said they huddled in a hallway as they heard winds roaring overhead and trees falling outside.

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They afterward went out and saw a number of trees down, including a large one across the street. At a house near I and the East Brainerd exit, a family raced to the basement just before their house was struck. They had extensive damage to the kitchen area. First Responder agencies from Hamilton County continued to work rescue efforts throughout the night.

tornado damage path map

Hamilton County EMS transported 14 patients to local hospitals. An additional 15 units from the Tennessee Highway Patrol were assisting with search and rescue efforts. Chattanooga Gas officials said, " Chattanooga Gas employees are on the ground coordinating with first responders following severe weather striking communities near Hamilton and Bradley counties. Do not operate any machinery or equipment that might cause a spark or create an open flame.By Jesus Jimenez.

Hours after 10 tornadoes tore through North Texas late Sunday, meteorologists gathered at the National Weather Service in Fort Worth early Monday to start working on a puzzle. Some of the pieces were photos of damage sent in by residents, storm spotters and law enforcement officials. Others were videos showing a tornado when lightning struck and illuminated the night sky. The rest were radar images captured at the time of the storms.

Their goal was to piece all the evidence together to determine which cities were hit by a tornado, how prevalent and how strong the storms were, and how far and wide the twisters traveled. By gathering the clues — storm damage pictures, videos and radar images — meteorologists decided where they needed to visit to survey the damage.

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Later that morning, they split up into teams and deployed across North Texas to take a closer look at the destruction. The strongest storm of the night, which tore through North Dallas and Richardson, was also one of the most difficult to assess.

Surveyors determined the Dallas tornado was on the ground for more than 15 miles, tearing a path up to three-quarters of a mile wide. Survey teams were aided by the fact that the tornado struck a densely populated area, said Patricia Sanchez, another meteorologist with the weather service.

When survey teams assess storm damage, they rate it on a scale of 8 degrees, where visible damage such as lost roof shingles registers a 1, up to an 8 where the concrete slab under a home is swept clean.

A house that was destroyed on North Haven Road in North Dallas was the clue survey teams needed to determine an EF-3 had passed through the area, according to the storm report. It was the strongest twister to hit that area since May 26,according to the weather service. Damage is dense along North Haven Road in Dallas. Collapsed buildings, missing roofs and more down trees than you could ever count. Debbi Bird lost the roof to her home while she sheltered in the basement.

Collapsed exterior walls rank as a 7 on the degrees of damage scale for a single-family home. The boundary for damage that bad ranges from to mph winds. Survey teams estimated the tornado produced mph winds in the neighborhood, which helped them rate it as a low-end EF Debbi Bird, who lives in the neighborhood, lost the roof to her home during the storm while she took shelter in the basement.

The Dallas tornado topped out at EF-3 but its power ebbed and flowed during its minute track. More than 15 miles later, east of Arapaho and Jupiter roads in Richardson, tree damage was consistent with 70 mph winds, indicating that the tornado had weakened to an EF-0 before it dissipated.

A tornado tore through the neighborhood knocking down trees and ripping roofs from homes. High School in Dallas, was damaged by a tornado, Monday, October 21, Kobena center raises the U. Central Expressway in Dallas, Monday, October 21, Jining him were fellow employees Jonathan Shields and Jordan Jasper. A tornado tore through the entire neighborhood knocking down trees and ripping roofs from homes. High School in Dallas, Monday, October 21, A tornado tore through the entire neighborhood knocking down trees and ripping roofs from homes and businesses.

A tornado tore through the entire shopping center. Smiley N. Lynda M. Gonzalez said he planned to stay with in-laws in Oak Cliff.At least 13 people are dead as severe weather and strong tornadoes moved across the South on Easter Sunday and into Monday, destroying homes and businesses and leaving hundreds of thousands without power. There were at least 39 reports of tornadoes as the storms slashed a deadly and destructive path across several states.

Early Monday, at least five people were killed when storms tore through a mobile home park near the Georgia-Tennessee border and person in the Atlanta area died when a tree fell onto a home. In Tennessee, the Chattanooga Fire Department was responding to numerous weather-related callsincluding damaged buildings and downed trees and power lines, after a tornado was reported east of the city late Sunday night.

Serious damage was reported in East Brainerd and Ooltewah, Tennessee. In Jefferson County Arkansas, on Sunday, a person also died when a tree fell on a home.

Maps show path and destruction of Middle Tennessee tornadoes

Blevins said trees and power lines were down throughout the county and a handful of homes had been damaged. One person was also dead in Jones County, Mississippi, where a tornado caused significant damage Sunday evening, Rodney Parker, the county's deputy emergency management director, told weather. There was also one death in Walthall County and two fatalities in Lawrence County. Tornadoes were reported in both those counties as well. At least five homes were destroyed in Walthall County and other injuries were reported.

Paula during the tornado," the sheriff's office said on Facebook. More thanhomes and businesses were without power in eight states as of a. Outages were the most significant in Texas, Arkansas, Alabama and Kentucky. High winds were responsible for outages in many areas not affected by tornadoes.

Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves declared a state of emergency Sunday night. Photos showed the damage and severe weather in the Jones County town of Soso, where one resident told CNN she rode out the storm at the volunteer fire station, which sustained damage. My car was park ed under a shed that is now blown over in a yard nearby. It's mangled.

Earlier, damaging storms and possible tornadoes destroyed homes and businesses, toppled trees and knocked out electricity across several areas of Louisiana. About homes were damaged or destroyed in Monroe, Louisiana, police Sgt.

Chuck Johnson told The Weather Channel. The city was working to secure about hotel rooms to shelter families who were displaced. They were trying to avoid housing large numbers of people in one place due to the coronavirus pandemic.

2011 Joplin EF5 Tornado Path and Destruction on Google Earth

Social distancing posed challenges for emergency officials as they opened shelters during the storm and considered where to house those affected after. Many handed out masks and gloves at storm shelters, while others decided not to open at all.

We are in contact with local officials in the area to provide support," the governor said on Twitter. Doppler radar confirmed a large and destructive tornado was hitting parts of the city.

At least 20 homes were damaged in the Sunflower Subdivision of Monroe, according to a local media report to the National Weather Service.

tornado damage path map

A video on Facebook showed extensive damage. As a family walks out of a destroyed home, the video showed the front of the house had been ripped away and the living room and dining room were exposed to the rain. The city of Monroe Twitter account said, "We have reports of wind or tornado damage in multiple locations in Monroe.

Images on social media showed several damaged planes and buildings ripped apart at Monroe Regional Airport. Ron Phillips, director of the airport, said all flights were canceled until further notice. About 45 miles west of Monroe, dozens of trees sheared off in the story blocked eastbound Interstate 20according to KSLA.Sign up here.

One of the tornadoes that ripped through the South as part of a severe storm system that left dozens dead brought severe winds in Chattanoogawhere the storms killed at least County officials reported an "unbelievable" amount of damage in the East Brainerd area. Storm survey found damage from an EF-3 tornado in East Chattanooga on Monday, with damage from winds estimated around mph, according to forecasters. NWS Morristown. A map released by officials shows the area of Chattanooga that saw the worst damage from the storms.

Damage in East Chattanooga after a tornado ripped through the area early Monday. Hamilton County Office of Emergency Management. The ratings of tornadoes on the Enhanced-Fujita Scale. Fox News. The storms that slammed Chattanooga damaged at least homes and commercial buildings.

tornado damage path map

More than a dozen people were treated, but none of their injuries appeared to be life threatening, Fire Chief Phil Hyman said. Chattanooga's mayor called the damage "devastating," according to the Times Free Press. Ten people were killed in the greater Chattanooga area from the storms, including two in Hamilton County, and one in Marion County and seven in Murray County, Ga.

WLVT repotted that one of the victims, year-old Rafael Jenkins, was killed when a tree fell on his home. Storm reports in a two day period after a spate of severe weather across the South.

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Deadly storm system claims lives of Americans in 6 different states 60 tornadoes have been reported across the South; Steve Harrigan reports on the aftermath. Travis Fedschun is a reporter for FoxNews. Follow him on Twitter travfed.App Users, click here to view the tornado map. Metro Nashville GIS provides spatial data, mapping, and geographic analysis for the city of Nashville and its residents and is put together by the Metro Nashville Planning Department.

According to the Nashville Office of Emergency Management, the information provided in the maps will be used to help with ongoing research efforts for testing and developing standards for airborne digital imagery. Skip to content.

Nashville Tornado Map. A new way to look at the March Nashville tornado outbreak. Police identify remains of man found during tornado search in Putnam County. Signs of progress in Putnam County 2 months after deadly tornado.

Grant to cover mental health aid for Nashville storm victims. Nashville tornado survivor shares support for Chattanooga storm victims, talks struggles of rebuilding during COVID pandemic. The show must go on: Barter begins performances at Moonlite Theatre. The party continues on lower Broadway despite bar closures and mask mandate Video.New satellite images are providing a before and after view of the damage from this week's tornado outbreak in the South, including the massive scar from a violent twister that tracked dozens of miles in southern Mississippi on Easter Sunday.

The first comparison below shows the scar from an EF4 tornado that developed just southwest of Bassfield, Mississippi, on Sunday, April From there, the tornado moved northeastward and carved a nearly mile-long path that had a maximum width of two miles. It caused damaged in areas near Seminary and Soso before it dissipated just to the north-northeast of Pachuta. When many trees are damaged or destroyed by a tornado, the twister's narrow path can stand out on satellite next to the trees that remain standing.

The arrows in the comparison point to downed trees and other damage in the tornado's path on April This stands out in stark contrast to the deep green of the same trees when they were still standing in the image from April Intense tornadoes that remain on the ground for a long distance have a higher chance of producing a damage path that's visible on satellite.

That is particularly true in regions like the South where dense forest exists. Additional close-up satellite images have been provided by Maxar Technologies to show some of the hardest hit areas in the tornado outbreak.

The image below shows a home and other buildings completely swept away near Seminary, Mississippi. It's from the same tornado that caused the scar in the satellite image above. A damaged neighborhood located just east of Chattanooga, Tennessee, is shown next.

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This story does not necessarily represent the position of our parent company, IBM. Recent Locations. Asia Pacific. Middle East. Watch Live Personalities. Download Apps Alexa Skill. Back to Menu.Steve Harrigan reports from the scene as residents assess the damage and begin to clean up.

In an earlier press briefing, Tennessee Gov. A man walks past storm debris following a deadly tornado Tuesday, March 3,in Nashville, Tenn. Damaged vehicles and buildings are seen in East Nashville after a tornado hit the city in the early morning hours of Tuesday, March 3, Search and rescue crews were fanning through neighborhoods searching for any injured people inside collapsed structures. Debris scattered across an intersection Tuesday, March 3,in downtown Nashville, Tenn.

The National Weather Service in Nashville confirmed a tornado touched down in the area. Celia Darrough via AP. Tornadoes ripped across Tennessee early Tuesday, shredding buildings and killing multiple people.

A woman walks past buildings damaged by storms Tuesday, March 3,in Nashville, Tenn. Lightning repeatedly flashed while much of the city was in the dark. Debris is scattered across the parking lot of a damaged apartment building after a tornado hit Nashville in the early morning hours of Tuesday, March 3, Some schools already closed for Super Tuesday voting will be kept closed for another week or more to handle repairs due to damage from the storm, according to FOX Metro Nashville Public Schools said its schools would be closed Tuesday because of the tornado damage.

Wilson County, just east of metro Nashville will close schools for the rest of the week. Election polling sites at schools were expected to remain open, as well as district offices, according to tweets from its official account. A man makes his way through debris following a deadly tornado Tuesday, March 3,in Nashville, Tenn. Jeff Roberts of the Elections Commission said in a statement early Tuesday that information about damage to polling stations is being collected as polls open for Super Tuesday.

Any voter in Davidson County whose assigned precinct has been impacted may vote at the Election Commission Offices, the statement said. Polls open at various times, starting at 7 a.

CST, depending on the county. People walk past buildings damaged by storms Tuesday, March 3,in Nashville, Tenn.

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